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Slip & Fall Injury Lawyers in Jacksonville, Florida

A tenant falls down crumbling apartment steps. A pedestrian trips on a crack in the sidewalk. A biker hits an unmarked pothole and flies over the handlebars. Inadequate lighting in a store's parking lot led to an assault. All of these are examples of premises liability.

At the Law Offices of Fred Tromberg, we have successfully represented clients in a wide range of slip, trip, and fall cases as well as cases of inadequate security or inadequate lighting.

Three conditions must exist in order for us to recover damages in a slip, trip, and fall or premises liability case:

  • A defective condition must have existed on the property at the time you were injured.
  • The person who owned or occupied the property must have known or, in the exercise of reasonable care, should have known that the defective condition existed.
  • The defective condition existed long enough for the owner to repair it or guard against potential injury.

If you believe you were injured due to someone else's negligence, please contact a premises liability attorney at our law firm today. During our free initial consultation, we will ask you how you were injured and how another's negligence caused your accident. If you fell down in a supermarket and hurt yourself, but don't know how or why you fell, you probably don't have a case. On the other hand, if you were injured in a grocery store because you slipped on a spill that employees knew about for an hour, but failed to clean up, we may be able to recover damages for you.

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