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Pharmacy Negligence Victim Lawyers in Jacksonville, Florida

Pharmacy negligence or pharmacy malpractice occurs when a pharmacist or pharmacy assistant does not act as a reasonably prudent pharmacist or pharmacy assistant would act under the same or similar circumstances. It can occur simply because the person filling a prescription is not paying attention. However, more and more cases of pharmacy malpractice are occurring because of the pressure placed on pharmacists by large corporate pharmacy chains to increase profits. The pressure can occur in many different ways including corporate policies that emphasize speed in filling prescriptions; pushing the work down to lower paid and less educated pharmacy assistants; and budgets that do not allow for enough employees to handle the high volume.

Some common forms of Pharmacy Negligence include:

  • Prescription Error
  • filling the prescription with the wrong drug
  • providing wrong dosage information to the consumer
  • wrong instructions
  • failing to recognize the consumer is taking medicine that cannot be taken with the prescription the pharmacy is filling

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