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Paraplegic Injury Lawyers in Jacksonville, Florida

In an instant, our lives can be changed by the negligence of another. Car drivers make foolish decisions to drive drunk or impaired, another human being acts maliciously or unconscionably towards another human being, or a doctor makes a critical or preventable mistake in the delivery or operating room. All of these scenarios can lead to a condition called paraplegia. This can leave you or a loved one in a wheelchair for the remainder of life, robbing you of precious opportunities and chances to participate fully in other physical activities. Medical bills can be extreme, both for past and ongoing treatments, and you may lose out on wages and work opportunities that can adversely affect your finances. If you are suffering from paraplegia after a tragic and negligent accident, you should be in contact us as soon as possible to ensure that your legal rights are protected.

Paraplegia is a condition with causes the impairment of the lower extremities (legs, feet, toes) both in motor (movement) and sensory (feeling) functions. The most common instigator of paraplegia is spinal cord injury. Consequences can be unpleasant and debilitating, and can include:

  •     Confinement to a wheelchair or other support devices
  •     Impotence
  •     Incontinence
  •     Thrombosis
  •     Pressure sores and bedsores
  •     Chronic nerve pain near point of injury

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