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Defective Tire Lawyers in Jacksonville, Florida

Injuries caused by defective tires can be devastating. Typically, a victim will be driving along at normal speeds, the tire will fail (blow out), and the vehicle goes out of control and crashes. The vehicle may roll over and as a result the occupants may also suffer roof-crush injuries. Very serious injuries, including brain injury and paralysis, often result.  Defective seatbelts that do not hold vehicle occupants in place can add to your injuries.

Tread Separations and Substandard Manufacturing Processes

One of the most common causes of tire failures is a tread separation. This occurs when manufacturing defects or careless tire construction practices result in insufficient bonding of the tread, causing the tire to slowly separate over time, until there is a catastrophic blowout. Many tread separations are the result of negligence by the tire manufacturer.

Used Tires

Do not think just because you purchased used tires, you do not have a case. Companies that sell used tires have a reasonable obligation to inspect them for signs of failure. Such signs are often evident to even a casual observer. In some cases, the original manufacturer may still be liable based on defects in construction.

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