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Burn & Fire Victim Lawyers in Jacksonville, Florida

Burn injuries are extremely painful, can involve multiple surgeries, skin grafts and severe scarring. In addition to the physical damages, emotional scarring also commonly occurs. When this type of damage is the result of negligent actions by others, the injustice of it all causes a deep sense of outrage.

The Law Offices of Fred Tromberg understands how time consuming helps clients recover the full medical and financial compensation they need now and in the years ahead. An experienced burn injury and wrongful death lawyer understands the needs legal and personal needs that victims and their families have.

Cases involving burn injuries are complex, time-consuming and can involve huge medical expenses. From multiple skin graft surgeries to plastic surgery expenses for scars and psychological counseling for emotional trauma to extensive physical therapy, we know residual problems and costs can arise. We help ensure current and future concerns are identified and that your goals are met before accepting any settlement offers.

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